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NES Health Scan & General Info

NES Health is the leader in bioenergetics: the study, detection, and correction of energy in living systems. The Creator of NES Health- Peter Fraser, spent decades mapping out the energy and communication systems of the body. Collectively, these are called the human body-field, which acts as a control system for the body’s physical activity.

When this field is underpowered or distorted, it’s unable to run the body in an optimal way and the body’s cells and systems may begin to fail. Symptoms often begin with simply feeling tired, but they can continue into just about any known health problem. When we improve function of the body-field, and we combine this with good nutrition and lifestyle choices, the body’s incredible healing system can take over and begin restoring the body to health.

The NES Health system involves three steps:

1) Assess the Body-Field - I use their scanning technology to provide you with a holistic wellness report in just seconds. While this isn’t a medical assessment, the scan’s bioenergetic matching process often shows a strong correlation to known health concerns. But more important, this approach looks for the underlying problem so we can address health concerns from their roots with their bioenergetic solutions.

2) Unblock and Rejuvenate - If we work together in person, my service will soon include the use of the exciting NES miHealth device. This unique device uses PEMF technology with NES Health’s proprietary field correction signals. We can also work “on body” with smart bioelectric stimulation that uses real-time biofeedback to give your body exactly what it needs. This can yield a lot of fast results. We also use it to clear away energy blocks and begin to rejuvenate your energy field before you ever leave the office. Coming soon! 

3) Restore Correct Information - I currently provide you with liquid remedies called Infoceuticals. These help to optimize the body-field’s energy levels and information flow so that proper communication takes place. A healthy body is all about energy and communication. I am currently offering Infoceuticals in my office as well as an easy and quick shipping directly to you. 

These remedies have helped thousands of people around the world, and they are simple to take by putting the recommended amount of drops, either under your tongue or into a glass of water and drinking the water.

Infoceutical Ingredients and Contraindications to the NES Health System

Each 30 ml dropper bottle of Infoceuticals are identical in physicals contents. It is the imprinted information that makes them different. You will notice that one Infoceutical will give you the needed energy you lack and others will have different effects such as calming, less digestion issues, better sleep and other astonishing results. All from a bottle of salt water! Some needed to be taken early in the day and some are better right before bed. Amazing! The ingredients are: Energized Structured Water, Colloidal Minerals, Potassium, Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Sorbate and Citric Acid. 

Contraindications for the Infoceuticals and MiHealth are: Pacemakers, Pregnancy, Organ Transplants, advanced lymphatic cancer/auto-immunity diseases and mental conditions such as Bipolar and Schizophrenia. Please do not request a scanif you have any of the forementioned issues. 

NES Health

The Science of the Human Body-Field

The human Body-Field is a complex, structured network of fields that interpenetrates the physical body and underlies all physiology. Based on over 30 years of research and detailed mapping by the late scientist and Master Acupuncturist, Professor Peter Fraser, our theory of the human Body-Field can most simply be explained as an exploration of the energetic and informational structure of the body that underlies its biochemistry.

At its core, NES Health operates on the understanding that information is as important as energy in the universe, which is being demonstrated by much of the latest science. Additionally, we have found information just as important in the human body, and we have used our theory of the human Body-Field to create effective and proven health-preserving tools over the past ten years.

To see how the human Body-Field provides information to the body, watch this fascinating movie that describes the “Story of Decoding the Human Body-Field” and how you can use that knowledge to transform your health. The Physics of God is also a great book addressing how Quantum Physics and Biology are related. 

Why Information & Energy Are the Key to Health

If we were to quote the most well-known equation in all of science it would be Einstein’s E=MC^2. And in this equation we see that matter equates to-and is essentially made up of-energy. Yet if you were to ask how that energy gets formed into all the different kinds of matter in the universe, you would note that matter is, in essence, organized energy. Information is the organizing principle.

Hence when looking at biology and medicine, we cannot just look at the biochemical nature of the body. We must also look at the energy and information of the body. Because, at this level of biophysics, the source of health in the body (as well as its deterioration) is clearly evident: properly organized information and energy within the body equates to overall wellbeing and an “optimal blueprint” for homeostasis and health. When either the information or energy within the body becomes distorted, health deteriorates. To give a real life example, take an original copy of a document. That would be the original blueprint in this example. Copy it, and then make a a copy of that copy. Do this over and over again. Do this for years. You will find that your “copies” are getting more distorted…flawed…maybe even unreadable. What NES strives to do is return you, layer by layer, BACK to YOUR original copy.

Another way to consider this is to look at the body’s natural efficiency. Nature has developed very efficient techniques that allow the body to perform its numerous life processes with very little energy consumption. When health becomes compromised (including physical, emotional, and psychological health), one of the basic common characteristics in all cases is that energy usage becomes less efficient within the body, i.e. energy is wasted and lost.

Therefore, a primary measurement we use for wellbeing is how efficiently each system and sub-system of the body is using energy. Makes sense right? Because we have been able to directly measure optimal energy efficiency in each part of the body, our technology can easily detect areas of distortion.

In these ways the human body-field can be likened to the body’s master operating system-the software that runs our hardware aka our bodies. Just think about the similarities. Humans and Computers both get bugs and viruses. We both glitch out and need to reboot. We both require energy to function. For some of you, you may recall the first computers and how you could “watch” itself defrag (defragmentation) so that its information wasn’t missing anything and to organize it for better use. Or have itself scrub its own hard drive and remove old programming that you are no longer needed or desired.  Or return back to factory settings after a major crash. Both can use other devices such as we use for medical diagnosis- EKG, EEG, CAT Scans, MRIs and other electronic equipment that allow us to use energy waves to “see” into your bodies and minds. Likewise we do the same with computers and even our newer vehicles. This is very similar to what our NES Scan software and products can do. First one must “scan” to see what is in error, then compare to what is optimal and then one must correct those errors. This software or information makes the person, computer or car run faster and have less problems.

Together, NES Health scanning software, the NES miHealth and NES Infoceuticals (all part of our BioEnergetiX WellNES System) are designed to read, interact with and correct the information and energy in the body so that it can return to optimal health.

The NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System


Our analysis software allows you to see beyond your symptoms to clearly distinguish the distortions or blockages of energy and information in the Body-Field, as well as the field's interaction with nutritional and environmental elements.

Backed by more than 30 years of scientific research and over a decade of clinical studies and practitioner use, the NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System delivers an immediate and holistic analysis. Best of all, the software's robust analysis is easy to both perform and understand.

By simply connecting your miHealth or the special OneTouch Body-Field scanner, with a single click and a few seconds, the software will return a richly detailed overview including multiple screens with a graphical presentation of the Body-Field's condition and how this field supports overall wellness. Think Star Trek’s Tricoder that Bones used to scan people.

The scan is non-invasive and painless. There’s no risk to your client in being scanned. You simply place their hand on the scanner. Within seconds, the scanner offers a wealth of insights.

Results in Just Seconds!

The scan is instantly uploaded and analyzed by our proprietary and comprehensive decision-aiding software developed exclusively for the NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System.

In moments, the strength, flow, and accuracy of your Body-Field is revealed on Andrea’s computer screen. You too will be able to access this information, at any time, via your computer by following an emailed link Andrea will send you after your scan. Please make sure to give her your best email address and check your trash/junk if you don’t see it after 30 minutes post scan.

Now for the first time, you can see beyond your symptoms and complaints into your complete Body-Field, detecting any distortions that’s scrambling the energy and information systems that guide the body. With each new scan, which you can do as after as every 7 days, you get a better picture of what is at the heart of you  real issues. What is priceless is that the NES Scanning Software knows what to address first so your results are noticeable, efficient and lasting. No worrying on which issue is the “horse” or the “cart”. The software knows what layers to address to create the best environment and conditions to move you back to optimal health.

NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System Scanning Software- you will be able to review up to150 systems and sub-systems of the Body-Field,as well as:

• Energy Analysis: identify energy blockages in the body’s musculoskeletal system and energy channels, as well as analyze the strength of the energy produced by various systems and organs.

• Informational Analysis: Identify information distortions in your body’s master control system: the Human Body-Field.

• Nutritional Analysis: highlight challenges in absorption and metabolic processes and identify sensitivities, malabsorption, and intolerance to certain foods from the body-field's perspective.

• Environmental Analysis: detect functional damage to the body-field related to environmental factors, toxins, and EMFs as well as the body-field’s ability to handle their impact when present.

• Emotional Analysis:identify unbalanced energy around core emotions, beliefs, and the ability to create and actualize in life. Also identify energetic distortions related to past shocks and traumas that may still be presenting as conflicts, impacting both physical and emotional wellness.

Researching the Efficacy of NES Health

In a recent large-scale comparative study carried out by the Centre for Bio field Sciences under the supervision of Dr. Thornton Streeter, 96.5% of the 240 participants in the control group experienced a positive change (compared to 35% in the placebo group).

The study also demonstrated the efficacy of the NES Health System and its analytics, demonstrating that it was comparable to the combined abilities of 3 energy measurement devices: PIP (polycontrast interference photography), GDV (gas discharge visualisation) and EIS (electro-interstitial scan).

You can view a YouTube video on recent case studies where the MiHealth was show to be over 75% effective in the first treatment and over %80 effective with the 2nd treatment. Well worth the watch if you are concerned with validity. https://youtu.be/sMNWd7ySSpc

Correcting Information with Infoceuticals:

Our Infoceuticals build on the theory of homeopathy, yet rather than include traces of the ailment it means to correct, each of our products is imprinted with correcting information.

Numerous researchers have demonstrated and proven that information can be imprinted onto any polymer. Think Hard drives, CDs, VCR tapes, Cassette Tapes, etc.  Right now, NES imprints corrective information onto natural salts  and water (as well as sound waves as in our imprinted healing music CDs and documentary films). LCD Screens are Liquid Crystal Displays. Similarly, Salt is a crystal structure and can therefore be imprinted on. The body then receives and responds to that information, via Infoceuticals and MiHealth, and begins to correct itself.

While information is not the only critical factor for health, it is the foundational factor that informs and affects everything else. For that reason, we have pioneered this field of medicine and developed the only system of care available currently that addresses information, as well as the other two critical factors for health in the human body.

How NES Technologies Work with the Energy of the Body

The NES BioEnergetiX WellNES system is designed to read, communicate with, and stimulate a change in the energy of the body.

It does this in a variety of ways but primarily we use the miHealth, coming soon, to communicate with the part of the body on which it is placed, by sending weak electrical signals to the spot, and then it ‘listens’ to the body’s response from those signals.

The skin is an incredible indicator of what’s going on underneath it, plus it has a magnetic quality to it. So wherever there is a blockage in the energy flow or some other problem, the skin in that area becomes more magnetic or sticky, which is detected by the miHealth. As you stimulate that particular area, the body’s magnetic quality will begin to change, indicating to the device when the body has responded and created its healing reaction.

Another way of looking at this is that cells have an electrical potential. Sick, tired and malfunctioning cells have a low electrical potential and this is what surfaces as magnetic or sticky quality on the skin.

By putting energy back into the specific area at issue, the miHealth can then raise the electrical potential of those cells, restoring them over time, to their normal, optimal functioning. This also stimulates the nervous system, sending a signal to the brain to direct resources to that particular part of the body as part of the natural healing response. You might also feel this if you are one of my  massage clients. Sometimes it might have felt as if I just knew when to go with my fingers/hands. I, in part, also pick up the these “sticky” areas of lower (painful & congested) areas of “vibration”. Like the MiHealth, I am then able, over time, to address these areas and return them back to a “higher” and healthier state.

In essence, the miHealth restores energy efficiency to the body by utilizing specific frequencies that synchronize energy usage, based on the specific frequencies we’ve mapped to each organ, system and sub-system of the body. This results in improved wellbeing.

The miHealth can also be used off of the body in ‘broadcast mode’ using pulsed electro-magnetic fields (PEMFs). Read our article, PEMFs & the NES miHealth to learn more. You can learn more about the miHealth as part of the BioEnergetiX WellNES system here.

How NES Technologies Work with the Information of the Body

The information of the body is a bit like the software of a computer, telling the body’s biochemistry how to organize and structure itself. If you have perfectly operating software, your body knows precisely what to do and can repair itself, especially if you are getting great restorative sleep and drinking water. Essentially the body is able to work off of its own personal blueprint or set of information codes for optimal health and homeostasis.

Thanks to NES Founder-Peter Fraser’s mapping of the human Body-Field and its ‘optimal states of information’ over the past 30 years, we have developed the BioEnergetiX WellNES System, and specifically our advanced Body-Field scanning software, which we are currently creating the next upgrade version.

Our scanning software “reads” the information from your body field by first sending a wave of the information from our map of the human Body-Field (via the miHealth or Body-Field scanner) and then reads the response that comes back to each of the over 150 individual systems and subsystems of the body map. The entire scan is completed in a few seconds.This is similar to when your phone puts out a small wave to scan for any WiFi signals. When your phone detects one it can then pick it up that signal.

Once the scan is completed, the software returns a graphical representation of any located distortions in the body’s information, as well as individual recommendations—including identified NES infoceuticals and MiHealth settings that are recommended for use. These will then stimulate the body’s healing response and support to correct the noted distortions.

Our system and its component products uniquely offer you a cohesive, singular system of care for correcting the body’s challenges and reclaiming true, total wellness for you.

Our BioEnergetiX WellNES System that allows you to:

1.) (Re)Assess the body in just seconds with NES OneTouch for a detailed analysis addressing the three critical factors for health in the body — its information, energy and physiology.

2.) Rejuvenate the body’s energywith powerful NES miHealth therapies that clear blockages, release trigger points, and correct energy flow through the body. (Coming soon)

3.) Re-Imprint optimal functioning and correct distortionsin the body’s information with our range of liquid NES Infoceuticals imprinted with proprietary bio-information. Now available.

4.) Realign purpose with the Choice Point Course, helping your client on their life journey to make wiser and more informed choices. Also available.


Healing Principles


1. Infoceuticals are especially able to elicit strong healing reaction and changes in the energy levels of the body:


a) Although these are all on a continuum, in broad terms there are four Healing states in the body – Normal, Acute, Chronic & Response. 


b) Normal is when the body has normal energy and is dealing with stressors. If a stressor is removed the body is able to respond to Acute situations of illness/injury and can easily heal itself. The miHealth and Infoceuticals can be used to shorten the Acute phase significantly, as the body has adequate Energy to focused on the situation. Depending on what the Acute situation is, the body will often experience the resolution as a temporary increase of symptoms,  lasting a few days. This can be felt in lower energy levels, inflammation, previous symptoms, detoxification and emotions during your healing reaction before calming down back towards the Optimal Energy state.


c) If the Acute situation continues because of continued stress and not enough nurture, the situation will move to a Chronic state where there isn’t enough energy in that particular area of the body to fix itself. Using the recommended Infoceuticals, miHealth and better physical habits will dramatically help your body to restore the energy needed in that area, so it can elicit an appropriate healing response. There are generally 2 types of Chronic Situations:


i) If it’s a localized physical issue, rejuvenating the energy of the local area with the miHealth and/or by using the Mind Body Infoceuticals, if they are a priority in the recommendations, will elicit a local healing response.


ii) if it’s pathogetically microorganisms that may be resident in an environmentally unfriendly cellular terrain then the system will suggest Energetic Terrains and elicit more of a short 2-3 days Immune type response. 


d) If it’s more systematic Chronic, effecting the whole body, then the body likely will have to be built up over months, such as using lower dose and/or Feel Good Infoceuticals, gentle movement and nurturing activities (including miHealth sessions), before it will have enough energy to elicit a proper healing response. This period you may experience being more tired, which is a good sign as the body is using it’s energy to heal and build up the reserves, from which later on when it thinks it has enough energy, it will elicit a stronger healing response. 


e) The transition from a systematic chronic state to a normal state is not a predictable smooth line upwards, it’s more like a bumpy line with a few ups and down along the way. If you stick with the protocols and advice in the portal though, it will trend upwards.


2. The scan works out the best set of Infoceuticals  for you to heal yourself, based on the response from your body’s own intelligence. Your body’s intelligence is far more accurate, than when we put our own sets of beliefs and conscious thought, so it’s generally best to follow the recommendations that come up in the scan.


3. The body takes a certain amount of energy and resources to heal itself, so if you try to do too much at once, it spreads itself out too thin and cannot heal everything, every time nor completely. Setting you up for failure.  Equally, when properly energized and unblocked,  it will have enough resources to heal more than just one area at a time. The ideal from our research is between 4-6 Infoceuticals at a time and 4-6 miHealth locations in a session. A systemically low energy person we suggest using 3 or 4, more normal energy use 6. For those that want to "test" Infoceuticals effectiveness during the 1st round, we recommend 3 Feel Good Infoceuticals that you will feel yet will only help with your current issues. As you gain experience and pattern recognition of the relationships of the effects of the Infoceuticals, a much more advanced technique is to choose a particular focus for the response desired by selecting out of the orange and purple Priorities that come up in the scan that are correlated to the focused response desired. Until you’ve completely 3-4 consistent cycles, it’s best to stick to the recommendations in the scan. Andrea always follows the scan for the first 3 cycles. 


4. The standard protocol is 15 drops of each recommended Inforceutical, per day after your first cycle- if you are in poor health and need to detox first. For those with a robust constitution, you can start with 15 drops.  Doses can be from  3, 6, 9, 15, 21 or 28 drops. The number of drops IS Important. For example, if you take 5 drops, you just wasted 2 drops. It is best to either take only 3 or bump up to 6 if you are not having any negative reactions at 3 drops.) Some Infoceuticals you can take more than once per day. (Follow Andrea's recommendations if unfamiliar with Infoceuticals.) During your very first cycle of Infoceuticals you will be carefully acclimated with a starting dose of 3 drops for 3 days, 6 drops for 6 days and 9 drops for 9 days to get a good baseline reaction and to watch for healing reactions. A healing reaction is a good thing...when not overwhelming. A healing reaction can be simply feeling more tired and achy. Or it can be a profound detox reaction with flu/cold like symptoms that take you off your feet. This will depend greatly on how toxic your body was before taking the Infoceutical. That is way it is very important to be careful the first 7 to 10 days when starting a detox protocol, as it is the most obvious time you will possibly have more to detox. Since everyone is different it is better to go slow and let your body detox as comfortably as possible so your energy can be used to heal instead of trying to deal with a heavy detox.   Most profound therapeutic actions are resolved within approximately 3 weeks. If you happen to not to see Andrea for 4 weeks, that’s ok, there is still a gentle effect from the Infoceuticals taking durning the last week, although rescanning in week 3 & ordering your next cycle of Infoceuticals would be optimal.


5. Increasing the amount of drops increases the initial height of the response and occurs in a shorter time period. Decreasing the amount of drops decreases the initial height of the response and occurs over a longer time period. You can speed up or slow down the standard protocol depending on your perceived sensitivity, the systemic nature of your energy blockages, intention and your desire /understanding/tolerance of what it’s like to experience a stronger and shorter healing response. Communicatie with Andrea, being more mindful of your body/mind, healthier lifestyles as well as educating yourself can help greatly speed up your progress.


6. The response of Infoceuticals is dependent upon a number of factors such as your overall Energy level, sensitivity, the amount of different environmental factors including stress that you are exposed to each day, your own goals in healing, the intention and communication of Andrea, your NES practitioner. The goal should be, over time, to steer yourself towards optimizing health & wellbeing. 


7. Infoceuticals have a two phase response curve, which varies in length depending on the dose. As per the previous principle, the number of drops vary depending on a number of factors, however as a good rule of thumb; 21-28 drops cause a 2 to 3 day steep rise in healing action, before easing off over the following 7+ days, which is suitable for those that like to feel the healing response, want to correct their Energy in shorter period and/or have already done 2 to 3 rounds of Infoceuticals. 14-21 drops have a 4 to 6 day rise, prior to easing off over 14+ days, which is the standard protocol. 9-14 drops have a 8 to 12 day rise, prior to easing off over 28+ days, which is suitable for the more sensitive. 


8. There are certain Infoceuticals such as Liver, Stomach, Pancreas and Bone Driver that can have particularly uncomfortable responses with detoxification symptoms. If you’re concerned you are a sensitive client, you can reduce the dose of these Infoceuticals down to 3 or 6 drops, or dampen down their effects by taking ESR in the evening, modify your intention (see Life Journey screen on your scan)  or if you have a known serious pathology, then you can choose to avoid them altogether until visit 2 or 3 depending on your 1st cycle experience, intention and health goals. There are also plenty of naturopathic techniques you can use to help the body to excrete toxins quicker, such as sauna work, dry brushing, etc. Google detox to find out more. 


9. As people progress with optimizing their Energy and report beneficial changes, usually after consistent doses over 3-4 months, it’s recommended to increase the dose and decrease the times between scans so we can move deeper into your issues. Many clients, after properly acclimated, will find increasing thier doses up to 28 drops 3 times a day, scanning weekly, will speed up healing with increasing results. 


10. While learning about your present body field state, it’s best to follow protocol. As you gain experience and start to recognize priorities in the scan that correlate to your desired intention , you can also dial in on your desired outcomes by choosing out of the purple and orange priorities that match closest to your desired outcome instead of sticking precisely to the recommendations. This should not be attempted till after you have completed 3 cycles, maybe more for those that are very ill. This can lead to fantastic results .


11. Mixing of Infoceuticals. It’s fine to mix Infoceuticals up to 6 at a time, in fact it’s way more convenient and increases self-compliance when you can simply mix it in a glass of water and drink at once.


12. Order of Infoceuticals when mixing. Your recommendation screen will list the Infoceuticals in the perfered order of taking the drops. While BioEnergetiX principles prefers the sequence of the map of the human body-field, which follows the embryonic developmental order, it is also still effective taken your Infoceuticals out of order. Andrea likes to write on each label- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 so she knows what order to take them under her tongue or to add to a glass of water. If you are a detail oriented person you will want to do this but it isn't necessary.  In the end, it’s far far more beneficial that if you take them out of order than not take them at all.


13. Our research and experiments modernize homeopathic theory, it makes no difference whether you take them before, with or after food, coffee, alcohol and brushing your teeth. The important part is to take them! 


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